Have you ever seen the incredibly colorful and thoughtful window’s of Anthropoligie’s stores? The color, texture and overall design is mind blowing and unexpected – a can’t miss!

Well, when we began scheming our Winter Sip + See design with our friends Honey + Thyme Events and Lord and Lady Studio, we decided to draw on that “Anthro” inspiration to craft a colorful wedding for all to see.

The bonus? We were able to celebrate Erika and Addison’s nuptials on the tail end of a wonderful day. See below for a few film snaps from the uber talented Erica Serrano.

Pressed Flowers, Bold Colors, Totem Candles and a whole lot of love played into this Wedding design, we invite you to take it with you as you plan for the year ahead… full vendor list at the base of the post!


Vendor & Production Team:

Venue: North Corner Haven

Design: @honeythymeevents

Photographer: @ericaserranophoto

Catering: @qc_catering

Cake: @flourandbatter

Entertainment: @keysignatureen

Hair: @blissfulmuse.co

Makeup: @makeupbycaitlyn

Florals: @lordandladystudio

Chandelier Bases: @chandelierevents_

Dresses: @lovelybrideclt

General Rentals: @partyreflections

Furniture Rentals: @prdesigncollection

Signage + Specialty Paper Goods: @tiedandtwoweddings


Just starting to plan your wedding? Good news! You’ve come to the right wedding venue. We still have some lovely 2023 dates available and are now booking 2024 weddings. Click here to learn more about our offerings or share your plans here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful undertakings for soon-to-be newlyweds. From curating a guest list to finding good vendors, each decision can seem overwhelming. Booking the right Charlotte wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding.

Not only will the venue serve as the home of your most cherished memory, a good wedding venue will help you ensure that everything else runs smoothly on your special day. 

Professional Staff

The wedding coordinator and event staff will become your best friends on your wedding day. They may not make it into the ceremony, but they’ll be on the sidelines making sure that everything is running smoothly so you can spend time with your loved ones. 

Before the wedding, the team at North Corner Haven will ensure that everything is ready-to-go, from the chairs and tables to the refreshments. We take great care to ensure that you, your guests, and your vendors have a seamless experience during your visit. 

Exceptional Cuisine

The meals and refreshments at a wedding are a huge expense, and all too often the quality doesn’t warrant the price tag. Catering is a difficult business, and there are a lot of considerations to make. Dietary restrictions, seasonal ingredients, and personal preferences can make it difficult to find a caterer that can exceed your expectations. 

North Corner Haven, on the other hand, isn’t just an event venue. We’re a working farm, and we make it a top priority to ensure the quality of our ingredients. Our masterful chefs and kitchen staff bring our ethos of complexity and abundance from the farm to your plate. 

Intentional Design

Weddings require thoughtful planning, no matter how big or small. Our facilities are designed with purpose and intentionality, so that each detail is accounted for. 

From the guests’ arrival all the way through to the reception, you’ll find that North Corner Haven has curated the wedding experience with such intentionality that you won’t even notice us. Your focus will be on your loved ones. 

A Perfect Charlotte Wedding Venue 

North Carolina has no shortage of gorgeous wedding venues. In Charlotte alone, our friends in the industry are some of the best in the game. Part of what sets North Corner Haven apart is our focus on the organic. 

First and foremost, we are stewards of the land. On your wedding day, those values translate into our role as curators of the environment – the sounds, the food, the ambiance. Just as the earth is the foundation of our farm, North Corner Haven is the backdrop of your wedding day. 

With decades of wedding planning experience behind us, we’re prepared to shepherd you through the process. We are more than a North Carolina wedding venue; we are event planning experts. For inquiries, please contact us and let us help you plan the perfect Charlotte wedding.

Located on 600 breathtaking acres of rolling hills, pasture, and ponds, North Corner Haven offers your guests a unique and elegant experience that can’t be found anywhere else in North Carolina or South Carolina. Here are three reasons why North Corner Haven is your perfect Charlotte, NC wedding venue. 

A Memorable Bespoke Experience

No other wedding venues in Charlotte, NC offer the bespoke experience of North Corner Haven. Our professional  wedding team will work with you and your wedding planner to ensure a seamless experience for your and your guests. We offer a variety of luxury full service packages to use as a starting point to build the custom wedding of your dreams. 

Our hospitality is rooted in a genuine love of people and providing once-in-a-lifetime memories for all l clients. North Corner Haven  is offered for a limited number of weddings each year, creating an exclusive opportunity for your guests to enjoy an event they’ll never forget – trust us, although we are conveniently located 25 miles south of Charlotte, our venue will make you feel like you are hours away from your daily life.

The Sustainable Charlotte Wedding Venue

Every aspect of North Corner Haven is designed with sustainability in mind. Our land is managed through the holistic practice of permaculture with every acre designed and maintained with harmonious integration into the local landscape. Our mission is to share the rich heritage the Carolinas countryside has to offer while working to preserve and enhance it.  Allowing us to create a stunning backdrop for your celebration.

At North Corner Haven we also offer select professional and tasteful catering services using fresh and locally sourced food that bridges the gap between farm and table. We offer elevated cuisine made with ingredients grown on our farm and gathered in the surrounding forest. Our ever changing menu is inspired by each of the four seasons to ensure you are served the freshest and most sustainable food possible.

Everything down to your bar package can be curated with sustainability in mind. Your cocktails and beverages can be elevated with fresh berries or edible flowers plucked directly from our garden the day of your event. From end to end, we’ll ensure your event is inspired by sustainable elegance.

 Relaxation Destination

It is difficult to find another Charlotte wedding venue that is as relaxing and restorative as North Corner Haven. Located at the corner where the two Carolinas meet, our property is a secluded getaway destination for guests without extensive travel. Our lush landscape allows your guests to disconnect from the rush of modern life and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. 

When you’re not busy with wedding activities, you and your guests can enjoy our immersive farm tours, sporting clays, guided nature walks, and other curated experiences. Or, simply relax and enjoy a picnic lunch or settle into a rocking chair on the porch instead. Regardless of what you choose to do, or not do, North Corner Haven helps you find true restoration within.

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The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a hard blow to engaged couples all over the country who were wrapped up in planning the weddings of their dreams. Nearly all 50 states imposed restrictions on the size of gatherings, and the uncertainty of how long the situation would last put most couples in the difficult position of choosing between sacrificing the biggest day of their lives or postponing for an unknown period of time. Some decided they didn’t have to choose. They opted for a micro wedding in North Carolina instead.  

The New Option: Micro Weddings 

Micro wedding packages in NC and SC emerged as another option for couples to safely celebrate with friends and family while still having a unique and memorable day. These events were so successful that they’ve become their own niche in the event planning industry – they’re not just a passing trend! 

More Intimate and Intentional Guest List

Wedding planning usually involves countless hours of agonizing over the guest list. By the time you add in plus-ones, distant relatives, and your parent’s oldest friends, you’ve lost all control over who shares in your special day.

 With a micro wedding, you know from the start that the guest list will be more intimate. You can plan your guest list with intention, opting to invite only the most important people in your life. It is easier to resist pressure from others trying to influence the guest list because space is limited. 

Greater Affordability

Catering is one of the most expensive parts of any wedding. Since the guest lists with a micro wedding are so much smaller, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars on food and beverages. Depending on the venue you choose, you could also be saving tons of money on table and chair rental, custom linens, and even steep room rental fees. Choosing a micro wedding package in North Carolina gives you more control over your budget and lets you decide where you’d like to splurge or save.

Endless Personalization and Creative Possibilities

While a micro wedding can save you money, it doesn’t have to seem like a cheap event. The money you save on catering and other costs associated with venue rentals for hundreds of people can be redirected to other things like décor, favors, and other curated elements to make your wedding a party that your guests will never forget. When you scale back the guest lists and choose a smaller venue, you can spend more time focusing on details and adding a personal touch to the event.   

Your Cherished Wedding

North Corner Haven has a variety of micro wedding offerings through our Cherished Wedding packages. Whether it’s just the happy couple or up to 50 guests, there are customizable, all-inclusive wedding options to meet your budget and expectations. Our experienced wedding planner on staff will work with you to curate a magical and memorable experience for your guests. 

Book Your Micro Wedding With North Corner Haven

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hold your micro wedding, look no further than North Corner Haven. Conveniently located where the Carolinas meet, our 600-acre property is the perfect place to hold the event of your dreams. Contact us today for a personal tour.

If you’ve decided on a barn wedding, the next step is to find the perfect space to hold your upcoming nuptials. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you don’t want to choose just any location. Before you start looking for Charlotte wedding venues, we’ll give you some tips on how to find your dream wedding spot and questions to ask a potential venue.

Tips for Finding Your Barn Wedding Venue in NC

Before you spend hours doing research on venues that won’t work for you, consider these few tips to help streamline your search.

Talk With A Wedding Planner

If you are thinking about a barn wedding or a ceremony with another kind of theme, consider using a wedding planner to make the planning process more efficient. A wedding planner will be familiar with all the Charlotte wedding venues, and they can help make recommendations about how to achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Finalize Your Budget and Ideal General Location

Before you can select a venue for your barn wedding, you need to have a firm budget in place. It will be heartbreaking if you fall in love with a wedding venue you can’t afford. Having the budget in place before your search will allow you to refine your potential wedding venues in NC to just those within your budget.

Rather than considering all wedding venues in NC, you should narrow your search down to a general location. This will help streamline your search into a manageable list of potential venues that you can then tour and seriously consider.

Know Your Guest List

The number of guests you intend to invite to your wedding will drastically affect what venue will work for you. For a barn wedding, you may not be able to accommodate hundreds of guests. It will be easier for you to select a venue when you know the number of people who will be attending.

Venue Red Flags to Avoid

Not all Charlotte wedding venues will offer a positive experience. When you’re touring or interviewing potential venues, there are some red flags to look for. If the venue books multiple weddings on the same day, this could mean a lot of chaos on the day of your event. Additionally, be on the lookout for issues with communication. If it seems difficult to communicate or interact with the staff during the interview phase, chances are that will continue through the planning process.

If the contract for the venue is unclear about the scope of service or fees, or if you are offered no contract at all, be very cautious should you decide to book that location. If they are vague about what they can accommodate or don’t show any flexibility for creative ideas, you might want to consider another venue.

Bespoke Weddings at North Corner Haven

If you’re looking for a beautiful barn wedding venue in the Charlotte area, North Corner Haven is the place for you. Our Cedar Barn sits on over five acres of space for you and your guests to enjoy the most spectacular event. Our experienced wedding planner on staff will work with you to curate a magical and memorable experience. Contact us today for a personal tour.