Let's design your experience!


Split the day between business
and pleasure.

Take your learning, planning or annual event beyond the office to a place that inspires and refreshes the mind.


Hidden behind every turn is the chance to enjoy simple, elegant luxury.

Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone, birthday, seasonal gathering or family reunion, we can help you fashion the perfect celebration to mark the occasion.


We are excited to offer a premier wedding venue on the Farm.

With multiple spaces for gathering, gardens for guests to wander and our commitment to hospitality, you will not be disappointed.


Established by family for the love of land.

At the corner where the two Carolinas meet rests North Corner Haven, a remarkable venue designed to help you create stories worth telling—and retelling. We offer a hospitality rooted in a genuine love of people, exclusive experiences that are tied to the land, and a tranquil setting unspoiled by the rush of modern life. We invite you to immerse yourself in the humble beauty of nature and partake in the bounty of the land. In our tucked away corner of field and forest, we are redefining luxury. We are flexible, full-service, and specialize in the extraordinary. What you can imagine, we can help you create. Welcome to our home.



The fullest expression of life
in the Carolinas.

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