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The 3 Basics of Clay Shooting in North Carolina

Clay shooting  in North Carolina can be a very enjoyable pastime, but it may be a little intimidating for beginners. In addition to good marksmanship, the hobby also requires patience, coordination, and good form, among other things. None of these things should scare you away from giving it a shot.

State-of-the-art Five Stand clay shooting is right in your backyard at North Corner Haven. Our seven machines throw endless combinations to keep you engaged for hours of entertainment. If you’re new to clay shooting, here’s everything you need to know before trying out our Sporting Clay Escape. 

All About Clay Shooting in NC

Clay shooting was originally developed as a way for bird hunters to practice and hone their skills. Now, sporting clay shooting in NC has become its own challenging hobby for those who love to shoot and spend time outdoors. 

Things to Know

Safety is the number one priority and there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind before your first trip. 

1. Follow All Safety Rules

Using a gun of any kind is an enormous responsibility. Whether you are in the field or not, proper gun-handling etiquette is of the utmost importance. Always show that the action (the part of a firearm that loads, fires, and ejects a cartridge) is open and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. The muzzle (the front end of the barrel) should be pointed in a safe direction, even when the gun isn’t loaded. You should always treat every gun as if it were loaded and only aim at something you intend to shoot. 

2. Keep Your Action Open Until You Call for the Target

Timing is an important skill to develop to maintain good rhythm but also for safety. When you are trap and skeet shooting, you should always load shells one at a time and never load your gun until it is your turn. For sporting clays or five-stand shooting, don’t load your gun until you are in the cage and keep the action open when you are walking to the line. 

3. Limit Distractions

When it is not your turn to shoot, try not to engage in small talk. Also, consider using a shell holder to resist the urge to reach for shells or pick up empties. Not only are these distractions poor etiquette, but they can also be very unsafe. 

The Sporting Clay Escape

North Corner Haven’s Sporting Clay Escape is the perfect opportunity to try sporting clay shooting in NC and SC. Our Five Stand step up is made up of seven different machines launching clay discs in all directions. We call it the “baseball stadium.” Our package includes two hours of shooting with an instructor, protective equipment, gun rental, unlimited ammo and clays, and a boxed farm lunch and refreshments. You can also book a private group as the perfect team building outing or day with friends or customize your own spotting clay experience. 

Book Today

To make a reservation for your Sporting Clay Escape, contact North Corner Haven today.