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A Lasting Trend: Why Micro Weddings in NC Are Here to Stay

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a hard blow to engaged couples all over the country who were wrapped up in planning the weddings of their dreams. Nearly all 50 states imposed restrictions on the size of gatherings, and the uncertainty of how long the situation would last put most couples in the difficult position of choosing between sacrificing the biggest day of their lives or postponing for an unknown period of time. Some decided they didn’t have to choose. They opted for a micro wedding in North Carolina instead.  

The New Option: Micro Weddings 

Micro wedding packages in NC and SC emerged as another option for couples to safely celebrate with friends and family while still having a unique and memorable day. These events were so successful that they’ve become their own niche in the event planning industry – they’re not just a passing trend! 

More Intimate and Intentional Guest List

Wedding planning usually involves countless hours of agonizing over the guest list. By the time you add in plus-ones, distant relatives, and your parent’s oldest friends, you’ve lost all control over who shares in your special day.

 With a micro wedding, you know from the start that the guest list will be more intimate. You can plan your guest list with intention, opting to invite only the most important people in your life. It is easier to resist pressure from others trying to influence the guest list because space is limited. 

Greater Affordability

Catering is one of the most expensive parts of any wedding. Since the guest lists with a micro wedding are so much smaller, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars on food and beverages. Depending on the venue you choose, you could also be saving tons of money on table and chair rental, custom linens, and even steep room rental fees. Choosing a micro wedding package in North Carolina gives you more control over your budget and lets you decide where you’d like to splurge or save.

Endless Personalization and Creative Possibilities

While a micro wedding can save you money, it doesn’t have to seem like a cheap event. The money you save on catering and other costs associated with venue rentals for hundreds of people can be redirected to other things like décor, favors, and other curated elements to make your wedding a party that your guests will never forget. When you scale back the guest lists and choose a smaller venue, you can spend more time focusing on details and adding a personal touch to the event.   

Your Cherished Wedding

North Corner Haven has a variety of micro wedding offerings through our Cherished Wedding packages. Whether it’s just the happy couple or up to 50 guests, there are customizable, all-inclusive wedding options to meet your budget and expectations. Our experienced wedding planner on staff will work with you to curate a magical and memorable experience for your guests. 

Book Your Micro Wedding With North Corner Haven

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hold your micro wedding, look no further than North Corner Haven. Conveniently located where the Carolinas meet, our 600-acre property is the perfect place to hold the event of your dreams. Contact us today for a personal tour.