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Reasons to Consider North Corner Haven for Your Next Corporate Retreat

You want to plan the perfect corporate retreat to bring your team together like never before. But to do that, you need the perfect private event space for your team to gather. 

What does that perfect private event space look like? Well for starters, it needs to have an air of luxury and relaxation. It also needs to offer the space for your team members to engage with one another, as well as the space to learn something new. And it needs to be easily accessible to your entire team. North Corner Haven has all of that so if you are after the perfect private event space then look no further than our farm in Lancaster, SC. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider North Corner Haven for your next corporate retreat.

1. A Luxurious Adventure

North Corner Haven offers a luxury private event space that will perfectly and professionally provide your team with the corporate retreat experience of a lifetime. With over 600 beautiful acres of extraordinary opportunity, our farm has ample space for team building indoors and outdoors. Delicious gourmet farm-to-table meals prepared by our professional chef on site with ingredients grown on the same land your team will enjoy, is just one of the many amenities you will experience.

2. Group Activities

When planning a corporate retreat, it’s important to think about the types of activities that your team will enjoy. A corporate retreat is not only a time for team building, but it’s also a time for employees to relax and recharge. Luckily, we’ve got just team building activities that will allow your team to have fun while also getting to know each other better, a must for remote-based teams. 

Some of the most popular team building activities we offer include guided nature walks to forage (and taste) wild mushrooms, yoga on the lawn, sporting clays on our unique five-stand set up, wine tasting, a low ropes course, and fishing in our well stocked pond. Your team is guaranteed to experience the best combination of relaxation and educational experiences, meaning both their palate and their mind will be satisfied and stimulated.

3. Easily Accessible 

A corporate retreat is only an enjoyable experience if your team can actually get there. Luckily, North Corner Haven is easily accessible. We lay just 45 minutes south of Uptown Charlotte, right across the South Carolina state line on I-85, and we are the same easy distance from the Charlotte-Douglas airport. It’s hard to beat that kind of commute for your team members flying into Charlotte or traveling from within the greater Charlotte metro. 

Lancaster is a small town of less than 10,000 people, but it’s home to us and we’d like to invite you to see it for yourself. 

Ready to Book Your Next Corporate Event?

North Corner Haven is the perfect location for your next corporate event. Contact us today about scheduling your private tour so you can see the magic here for yourself.