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Why Team Building Is So Important

For many, the words “team building” conjure dated images of trust falls and company picnics. But team building doesn’t have to be the kind of forced fun that elicits groans from your colleagues. In fact, it’s an important part of fostering a positive work culture and building trust across your organization. But for team-building to be effective, you may need to rethink your approach. 

The Necessity of Gathering

After two years of working from home, many workers are excited to get back to the office, while others are less than enthusiastic about returning to the traditional 9-to-5.

Regardless of where you prefer to set up your workstation, it’s impossible to overstate the positive impact of socialization on an organization. Simply spending time with each other and breaking bread is linked to higher morale, a stronger work culture, less absenteeism, and increased performance.

At North Corner Haven, we’re in the business of bringing people together. We’ve seen first hand how a crowd at a team building event can change in just a few hours, transitioning from polite smalltalk to raucous laughter and heartfelt conversation. Humans are social creatures; we’re made to gather, and our “work selves” are no exception. 

Team Building Out-of-Office

No matter how much you love your job, the reality is that many people would prefer to be somewhere besides the office at any given time. Commuting between home and work makes it easy for monotony to creep in, which easily compounds stress levels. 

For this reason, team building that takes place outside the office is the most potent. Spending time with your colleagues in a new environment makes it easier to break down those walls and get to know each other outside the context of work. 

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Conducting a corporate retreat or team building event is a great way to encourage collaboration and creativity. Taking a breather from the routine of the office helps get people into a more creative headspace. 

Getting out of the city and into nature is proven to enhance creativity. North Corner Haven is a favorite destination among Charlotte-based companies. We’ve created a laid-back, idyllic environment that’s conducive to creative thought and collaboration.

Investing in People

Leadership is all about showing people rather than telling them that they’re appreciated. Putting forth the time and money to break from the standard corporate experience may involve some sacrifices within the company, but ultimately, it’s an investment in the people that you work with. 

Investing in team building means investing in your colleagues’ happiness. These days, employee satisfaction goes well beyond the scope of the office coffee machine. People want to feel valued, and they want their time at work to be well-spent.

At North Corner Haven, we understand that a team isn’t built so much as curated. We provide a luxurious but unpretentious experience for people of all stripes to gather, grow, and cooperate. There will always be more money, but time is finite – and the time you spend together as a team is invaluable. Contact us today for your personal tour.