Looking to spice up your pork chop recipe? Look no further, we got you covered! Our bone-in pork chops paired with a creamy garlic herb mushroom sauce is the perfect, easy weekday meal that will leave you satisfied and wanting more next week!


(Four) bone-in pork chops

  • 1 teaspoon Seasoning salt (adjust to your taste)
  • 1/3 teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter

Creamy Mushroom Sauce:

    • 1 cup sliced brown mushrooms, picked up from your local farmers market is our favorite!
    • 2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley, divided
    • 1 tablespoon fresh chopped thyme
    • 4 cloves garlic crushed
    • 3/4 cup reduced fat cream or half and half, (heavy cream or evaporated milk)


  • Season chops with seasoning salt and pepper. Heat oil and butter in a frying pan or skillet over medium-high until butter is melted.
  • When pan is hot, sear chops for about 3-4 minutes per side until golden browned and the centre is no longer bright pink (fry in batches if you need to). Transfer to a warm plate. Set aside.
  • Add the mushrooms to the buttery juices in the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes over medium heat. Scrape up any bits left over from the chops. When mushrooms are browned, add half parsley, half thyme and all of the crushed garlic; sauté for 30 seconds until fragrant.
  • OPTION add in 1/2 cup dry white wine for the creamy sauce. Let simmer until liquid has reduced by half (about 3 minutes). Here are a few of the best white wines to cook with!
  • Pour in the cream and bring to a gentle simmer for 3-4 minutes until slightly thickened. Season with salt and pepper, to your taste.
  • Add the chops back into the sauce, allow to simmer for a minute to heat through. Garnish with remaining herbs and serve immediately.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the sides! Check out a list of the best side dishes to pair with pork chops. A few of our favorite pairings – a light pasta, roasted veggies, or mashed potatoes…yum!

We’re always trying new recipes over on the Farm. Incase you missed it, catch up on our previous pork chop recipes- Fig, Apricot, and Blue Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops and Pork Chops with Dijon Pan Sauce.

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We like to keep things simple…with our Grass Fed Beef Kabobs beef ready to be thrown on the grill – we’re giving you the ultimate (easy) summer recipe for Teriyaki Beef Skewers!

What You’ll Need: 

  • Beef Kabobs 1 1/2 pound from our Farm Shop of course!
  • Seasoning 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • Wooden Skewers – 16 inch skewers, important to soak your skewers before popping them on the grill to ensure they don’t scorch.

Teriyaki Sauce Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 tablespoon rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 3 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 2 teaspoon fresh ginger (minced)
  • 2 teaspoon cornstarch

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, check out the full Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Recipe. We’ve also provided a list of the best store-bought teriyaki sauces in case you’re in a pinch!


  1. Prep the steak: Cut the flank steak across the grain into 1/4 inch thick slices. Season with salt and pepper. Refrigerate until using.
  2. Prep your skewers: Place the skewers in enough water to cover them and let them soak for about 10 minutes.
  3. Make the teriyaki sauce: In the meantime, combine all the sauce ingredients in a small saucepan and whisk. Place the saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil while whisking. It should thicken. Remove from heat.
  4. Finish the skewers: Thread the beef onto the skewers. about 2 pieces per skewer. Place the beef skewers on the grill over medium-high heat (350 F to 400 F) and brush generously with the prepared teriyaki sauce on both sides. Grill for 4 to 5 minutes per side, might be more or less depending on how thick you cut your beef.
  5. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and parsley, if desired.

This beef teriyaki recipe can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 – 4 days, and the sauce can be stored separately in the fridge for one week. 

Not sure what to pair your Teriyaki Beef Skewers with? Here’s a list that pairs perfectly with summer and this recipe! Our favorite pairing? Tuscan Summer Pasta Delight – we highly recommend you check out our blog post on this!

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Happy Cooking!


In an era where wellness and self-care are at the forefront of conversations about health, the revival of traditional practices like preparing and canning bone broth has emerged as a powerful trend. Beyond being a culinary delight, bone broth has garnered attention for its numerous health benefits, particularly when sourced from organic, pasture-raised ingredients. At North Corner Haven, we’re thrilled to invite you to a hands-on workshop on Sunday, March 3rd, where we’ll delve into the art of crafting nutrient-dense bone broth. Click here to view tickets – a few spots remain! 

A TRADITION IN THE KITCHEN: Bone broth, a staple in many cultures for centuries, is renowned for its rich nutritional profile. Made by simmering bones (often from chicken, beef, or fish) along with vegetables, herbs, and spices, this elixir is a treasure trove of essential nutrients like collagen, gelatin, amino acids, and minerals. When sourced from organic, pasture-raised animals, the broth becomes even more potent, devoid of harmful additives and pesticides while maximizing its nutrient content.

One of the primary benefits of preparing your own bone broth lies in its unparalleled nutritional density. Unlike store-bought versions that may contain additives or lack the richness of homemade varieties, crafting your own broth ensures quality control and allows you to tailor the recipe to your preferences. At our workshop, you’ll learn the intricacies of selecting the finest ingredients and master the techniques to extract maximum nutrients, resulting in a broth that’s not only delicious but also packed with health-promoting compounds.

The journey of making bone broth is not just about the end product; it’s also a deeply satisfying and therapeutic process. As you simmer bones and aromatics for hours, your kitchen fills with the comforting aroma of wholesome nourishment. This meditative practice not only fosters a deeper connection with your food but also serves as a form of self-care, offering a respite from the hectic pace of modern life.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Moreover, homemade bone broth offers a myriad of health benefits that extend far beyond its culinary appeal. Rich in collagen and gelatin, it supports gut health, aids digestion, and promotes skin elasticity and joint function. The amino acids found in bone broth are vital for maintaining muscle mass, supporting immune function, and promoting overall well-being. By incorporating this nutrient powerhouse into your diet, you’re providing your body with the building blocks it needs to thrive.

In addition to its nutritional benefits, preparing and canning your own bone broth is a sustainable choice that aligns with ethical and environmental values. By utilizing bones and leftover scraps that might otherwise go to waste, you’re honoring the entire animal and reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, opting for organic, pasture-raised ingredients supports regenerative agriculture practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

JOIN US at North Corner Haven on Sunday, March 3rd, as we embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of crafting nutrient-dense bone broth. Led by our own Chef Joy Turner, this workshop promises to equip you with the skills and knowledge to prepare your own nourishing elixir at home. Together, let’s embrace the timeless tradition of bone broth and pave the way towards a healthier, more sustainable future. Click here for details.  Looking for pasture raised chicken? Check out Chef Joy’s farm – The Farm At Flat Creek! 

Interested in joining us for future events? Explore our complete event calendar here.

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies: Easy & Delicious!

Are you looking for a delicious, quick, and easy cookie recipe this Holiday season? Don’t worry, we got you covered! This three ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe will leave your mouth watering and your guests wanting more! Bonus, they are Gluten Free!

To create these three ingredient peanut butter cookies, you’ll need the following ingredients to make 25 cookies

  • 1 cup peanut butter. Not sure which brand to use? Here’s a list of the top brands of peanut butter!

  • ½ cup brown sugar, packed

  • 1 egg (we recommend Non GMO – Pasture Raised from a local farm when possible)

  • Brown sugar for pressing

Baking Instructions:

  • Preheat oven to 350ºF (180ºC).

  • In a large bowl, mix together the peanut butter, sugar, and egg.

  • Scoop out a spoonful of dough and roll it into a ball. Place the cookie balls onto a nonstick baking sheet. Sprinkle the top of the cookies with ½ teaspoon of brown sugar.

  • For extra decoration and to make them cook more evenly, flatten the cookie balls by pressing a fork down on top of them, then press it down again at a 90º angle to make a criss-cross pattern.

  • Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the bottom of the cookies are golden brown.

  • Remove from baking sheet and cool.

  • Enjoy!

Whether you’re hosting for the holidays, or looking to bring a yummy treat to a holiday party- these cookies are always our go-to! Don’t forget to pair with a warm beverage- a cozy drink are a cookie’s bff!

We are so excited for you to taste these flavorful, gooey cookies! If you bake them using this recipe, be sure to share using #northcornerhaven  or by tagging @northcornerhaven so we can see your creation!

Tis’ the season and happy cooking baking!

The holiday season is the perfect time to show appreciation for your hardworking team or to build stronger relationships with your clients. Nestled in the heart of nature, North Corner Haven provides a unique setting for holiday celebrations that will leave a lasting impression.Here are four fantastic ways to celebrate the holidays with your company or team at North Corner Haven:

1. Dinner on the Farm:

Imagine an enchanting evening surrounded by rustic charm, farm-fresh cuisine, and the warmth of seasonal festivities. North Corner Haven offers the perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner with your team or clients. The farm’s ambiance sets the stage for a memorable evening, where you can bond over delicious food and the beauty of the outdoors. NCH’s commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that your dinner will be a culinary delight. Whether it’s under the stars or in a cozy barn, this experience promises to create cherished memories for your group. Enjoy a recent recap here of a five course dinner we offered in August. 

This turn-key package best fit for 10 – 50 guests, includes all food and beverage, custom experiences and ambiance. Additional enhancements available. Contact us to learn more. 


2. Wreath Making Workshop:

For a more hands-on and creative holiday celebration, gather your team or clients for a wreath making workshop at North Corner Haven with our creative partner Proper Flower. You’ll have the opportunity to craft stunning holiday wreaths using fresh, farm-foraged seasonal greens and textures. The process of creating these wreaths fosters teamwork, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment. After the crafting session, you can relax by the fire with refreshments and cocktails, savoring the camaraderie of the season. Plus, each participant gets to take their beautiful wreath home as a keepsake, a reminder of the special time spent together.

This private, turn-key package best fit for 10 – 40 guests, includes wreath workshop, passed hors d’oeuvres and bar service. Contact us to learn more. 

Don’t have a group? Join us for any of our upcoming Community Events (open to the public) Learn more by viewing our Event Calendar. 

3. Holiday Oyster Roast:

Looking for a unique and immersive holiday experience? Consider hosting a Holiday Oyster Roast at North Corner Haven. This outdoor gathering combines the joy of the season with mouthwatering food and a picturesque setting. The casual and laid-back atmosphere encourages people to relax and unwind while relishing the flavors of freshly roasted oysters. NCH’s beautiful surroundings and welcoming ambiance make it an ideal spot to celebrate togetherness and the holiday spirit. Your team or clients will leave with hearts and bellies full of joy.

This private, turn-key package is available for groups as small as 10 and as large as 200 guests, includes oyster roast, dinner, passed hors d’oeuvres and bar service. Contact us to learn more. 

4. A Sporting Day:

If your team or clients are looking for an adventurous holiday celebration, North Corner Haven has you covered. Gather your group for a sporting day on the farm. From Skeet Shooting to sipping cocktails by the fire-pit, it’s the perfect way to embrace the season’s outdoor activities. The farm’s scenic landscape provides an excellent backdrop for these adventures, creating an unforgettable experience. This outing not only offers excitement but also strengthens bonds among team members or fosters closer client relationships.

This private, turn-key package is available for groups as small as 4 and as large as 15 guests, includes 2 hours of private skeet shooting, passed hors d’oeuvres and bar service. Contact us to learn more. 

Whether you prefer an intimate dinner, a creative wreath-making workshop, a casual oyster roast, or an action-packed sporting day, NCH’s unique charm and natural beauty enhance the holiday spirit. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let’s plan a custom corporate experience for your group. 

It’s time to make this holiday season extra special by choosing North Corner Haven as your destination for memorable celebrations with your team or clients. Come and create unforgettable memories amidst the beauty of nature and the warmth of the holidays at NCH. Book your event today!

A Tuscan Summer Pasta Delight: Simple and Flavorful

Summer is here and it’s time to savor the vibrant flavors of the season! This Tuscan Summer Pasta is a delightful dish that perfectly captures the essence of warm weather with its fresh ingredients and simple preparation.

This recipe combines the richness of prosciutto, the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, the tanginess of olives, and the freshness of scallions to create a pasta dish that is both light and satisfying.

To prepare this Tuscan Summer Pasta, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 lb of Spaghetti Noodles
  • 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • 3 oz of Prosciutto, Diced
  • 8 oz Cherry Tomatoes, Halved
  • 4 oz Scallions, Diced
  • 6 oz Olives, Drained
  • ¼ Cup of Parmesan Grated Cheese (Optional)
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Start by cooking the spaghetti noodles according to the package instructions. Don’t forget to reserve some of the pasta water before draining. Set the cooked pasta aside for now.
  2. Heat a separate skillet over medium-high heat and add the extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Once the skillet is hot, add the diced prosciutto and cook until it turns crispy and releases its delicious aroma.
  4. Next, add the diced scallions to the skillet and sauté for about two minutes, allowing their flavors to meld with the prosciutto.
  5. Now, it’s time to add the drained olives to the skillet and cook for another two minutes.
  6. Add the halved cherry tomatoes to the skillet, and cook for approximately two minutes. This will help release their natural sweetness and create a burst of flavor in the dish.
  7. Once all the ingredients are cooked and have harmonized their flavors, add the cooked pasta to the skillet. Pour in ¼ cup of the reserved pasta water to help create a luscious sauce that coats the noodles.
  8. For an extra touch of indulgence, consider adding ¼ cup of grated Parmesan cheese to the pasta.. This step is optional but highly recommended for cheese lovers. Also, add a splash of reserved pasta water to ensure the ingredients are well combined.
  9. Give the pasta a good toss, ensuring that every strand is coated with the flavorsome mixture. The aroma filling your kitchen will be simply irresistible.
  10. Finally, season the Tuscan Summer Pasta with salt and pepper to taste. This step allows you to personalize the dish according to your preference.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or looking to enjoy a satisfying weeknight dinner, this recipe is quick, easy, and guaranteed to impress. To lean into the italian theme, consider adding an Aperol Spritz as your specialty cocktail – this is a favorite recipe from Good Housekeeping. So, gather the ingredients, follow the simple instructions, and indulge in the taste of Tuscany right in the comfort of your own home. Buon appetito!

Want to enjoy summer pasta on the Farm? Consider adding a Cooking Experience to your next Corporate Retreat or Team Building Outing. At North Corner Haven we love creating lasting memories for all different groups. Get in touch today to learn more. 

We don’t know where we’d be without our moms, do you? This year to help celebrate we’re offering a few ways to experience the Farm whether at home or on property.  We hope to make it easy to celebrate the mom in your life because we all know they deserve a treat whether it be learning something new, enjoying the smell of fresh flowers or having a yummy breakfast in bed. Learn about our Mother’s Day offerings below.


Mother’s Day Bundle – Teeing up the perfect morning at home! 

The beautiful package includes a stunning medium seasonal floral arrangement by Proper Flower  and a “Breakfast” Farm Bag full of nutritious products for your family to enjoy over the weekend.


“Breakfast Farm Bag” Includes: 

(1) Dozen Pasture Raised Farm Eggs

(1) Pack of Maple Breakfast Patties

(1) 10.5oz Jar of Wildflower Honey grown at North Corner Haven

(6) Scratch Made Buttermilk Biscuits from The Farm Kitchen ready to reheat.

(1) Reusable Cooler tote from North Corner Haven

This bundle includes front porch delivery on Saturday May 13th to our normal delivery range.  

View details & place your order here. 

Already have breakfast covered? Give the gift of experience instead, we’re thrilled to share three ways to enjoy the Farm this summer… all experiences include a meal and at least a few hours of bliss on the Farm!

Thursday, June 8th

Slow Flow Yoga & Sound Bath 

Thursday, June 15th

Foraged Art Workshop

Thursday, June 22nd

Sous Vide & Seared, Cooking Experience 


Not sure if they are free? Grab a general gift card, here.  Questions? Drop us a line.

Purchase your experience for the mom in your life before May 8th and we will mail a personalized gift card to the address of your choosing.

Don’t forget the Dad’s – our Sporting Clays escape is always available by appointment. Learn more here. 


Whether you are an eggs-for-dinner family or looking for the perfect brunch option to wow your house guests, this one pan egg dish should be your new go-to! Traditionally an Israeli breakfast food, this hearty dish is served with challah or pita on the plate.

The only way to make a favorite recipe better? Incorporate our pasture raised eggs over store bought – we truly believe you can taste (and see!) the difference.


serves (3 – 4)


3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (we love this one from Graza)

1 small onion, thinly sliced

1 red pepper, thinly sliced

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 jalapeno chili, thinly sliced

1 tsp smoked paprika

⅛ tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp ground cumin

salt & pepper to taste

28 oz crushed tomatoes (Use fresh tomatoes when possible, skin & seed removed – we love these if you are going the store bought route)

2 tsp vinegar, sherry vinegar preferred

6 large pasture raised eggs

Cilantro leaves (optional)

Cooking Instructions: 

Preheat oven to 400 F

Preheat skillet over medium heat on the range. Add oil and allow to heat for a minute. Add onion, pepper, garlic, chili, paprika, cayenne and cumin to the pan. Cook until the onions begin to soften, 2-4 minutes.

Remove from heat, stir in the vinegar and add the tomatoes. Simmer on the stove until tomatoes have thickened, should take about 8 -10 minutes.

Make 6 small wells with the back of a spoon in the Shakshuka base to accept eggs. Crack eggs into a small dish then carefully pour eggs into each well.

Place Shakshuka into the oven. Eggs should cook in approximately 7-10 minutes. We  prefer our egg whites to be cooked while the yolk is still soft.

Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, remove from heat, garnish with cilantro leaves and serve with pita or challah on the side. To level up your meal, we reccommend serving it with any of our grilling sausages.  Enjoy!

Fig, Apricot & Blue Cheese stuffed NCH Pork Chops

Surprise and delight with this sweet and savory approach to our Pork Chops. 

Serves 4


4 dried figs, stem removed, cut into quarters

6  dried apricots halves, cut into quarters

¼ cup pecans, toasted then chopped

3 tbsp blue cheese, we are fans of this one from the local Orman’s Cheese Shop. 

1  shallot, minced

½ tsp fennel powder

¼ tsp salt

pinch of black pepper

4 thick cut bone in North Corner Haven pork chops

3 tbsp vegetable oil

¼ cup brandy

1 cup chicken broth

½ cup heavy cream

2 tsp Dijon mustard



Preheat oven to 350℉.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spray with pan spray.

Have a culinary thermometer ready. This one from amazon is a favorite and reminds you of cooking temps!

Put the dried fruit in a bowl. Pour ½ cup boiling water over the fruit and set aside for 15 minutes to soften. Drain fruit, reserving the liquid.

In a food processor, process the fruit with the nuts, cheese, fennel and half the shallot until finely chopped. Season with salt and pepper.

In a small sealable plastic bag or piping bag, transfer the mixture. Cut a ½ inch off the corner of the bag. Taking each pork chop, make a hole with a knife in the rounded portion of the chop and make a pocket to receive the filling. Place the cut end of the piping bag inside the pork chop pocket and squeeze a quarter of the filling inside the chop.

Dry the both sides of the pork chops. Season both sides of pork chops with salt and pepper. Heat a large saute pan over medium high heat.

Add the oil to the pan and heat the oil to a shimmer, maybe one minute. Add the pork chops and brown the first side for 5 minutes. Turn the pork chops with a pair of tongs, browning the other side an additional 2 minutes. Remove chops from the saute pan and place on the prepared baking sheet. Cook in preheated oven until the internal temperature is 135℉ or until desired temperature. About 15 – 20 minutes.

While the chops are cooking – it’s time to make the sauce! Drain the oil from the sauté pan. Place the shallots in the same pan and cook over medium high heat for a minute. Remove the pan from the heat and add the brandy to the pan. When returning the pan to the burner, be careful as the alcohol from the Brandy is flammable and could flambé. Cook over high until the alcohol is reduced to a syrup. Add the broth and the fruit liquid and boil down until the liquid is reduced by a ⅓. Add the cream and continue to simmer until it thickens slightly. Whisk in the mustard and season with salt and pepper. Once pork chops are finished cooking, remove from the baking sheet and place on a platter. If any juices have accumulated from the pork chops add it to the sauce. Pour the sauce over the chops and serve.

This dish is excellent served with white rice and asparagus! We particularly love our rice from Anson Mills, find info here. 


Honey & Chili Pork Meatballs | Featuring North Corner Haven Ground Pork 

There is nothing better than a sweet honey dish mixed with a little bit of spice. These homemade Honey and Chili Pork Meatballs are perfect for any occasion. It’s a quick but delicious meal using our forest-raised pork coated with spicy ginger-honey sauce for some nice flavor.

Ingredients List 

For the Meatballs:

  • 1 1/2 pounds Ground Pork 
  • ¼ cup minced onion
  • 4 large cloves garlic minced
  • 3 tsp minced ginger
  • 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
  • Kosher salt & pepper

For the Spicy Ginger-Honey Sauce:

  • 3 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 3 tbsp minced ginger
  • 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • ¼ cup honey (our raw honey is the best!) 
  • 1-2 tbsp Chili with Garlic Sauce depends on how much you enjoy heat
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • Cilantro for garnish

*you could also use our honey with this sauce recipe from Love & Lemons…. 

Cooking Instructions

For the Meatballs:

  1. Combine all ingredients together and form balls. They will be wet, thats fine! Just get them to hold together. Place on a baking sheet until ready to cook.
  2. When ready to cook, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  3. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until cooked through.

For the Spicy Ginger-Honey Sauce:

  1. In a frying pan with sides, combine sesame oil, garlic and ginger and saute for 1-2 minutes until fragrant. Add in vinegar, honey and chili with garlic sauce and bring to a boil. Add in cornstarch and whisk until combined and thickened. Taste & adjust. 
  2. Place meatballs in your pan, coat with sauce, garnish with cilantro leaves (if you like) and serve.

This special sauce helps add moisture and tenderness to create the perfect weekday lunch or dinner. You can serve these on butter leaf lettuce cups like we did, and even add some cilantro in there for an extra splash of spice! 

Enjoy ~ and share using #northcornerhaven

Interested in other ways to cook with ground pork – here are some awesome examples by Martha Stewart.