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The Farm is for Lovers: Valentines Dinner 2024

Wednesday, February 14th 2024 | Friday, February 16th 2024

THE EXPERIENCE: The third annual Valentines Dinner at North Corner Haven, but this year we had two full nights filled with live music, Chef Joy’s farm-to-table delights, and heartfelt fireside chats. It was a night of love, magic, and everlasting memories. Nothing fulfills us more than witnessing the joy from others on the Farm, hearing the laughter echo through the walls of the Cedar Barn, and seeing smiles radiate across the room.

THE MENU: With a passion for farm-fresh flavors, Chef Joy carefully an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dining experience at North Corner Haven. Check out the menu below!

Each dish was a masterpiece of its own, carefully crafted with hand-selected ingredients straight from local farms, ensuring that every bite represented culinary artistry. Each bite left guests wanting more!

A BIG thank you to our Farm friends for all of the sourced fresh ingredients:

North Corner Haven, Boy & Girl Farm, Crows Grow Farm, Homeland Creamery, Lucky Leaf FarmRiver Bottom Dairy.


A THANK YOU- All the love to the following vendors for helping make this Valentines Dinner a success:

Photographer – Amy Ledyard Photography

Rentals – Curated Events

Florist – Proper Flower

Entertainment – Falllift

Join us for our next Community Event, Forage and Feast on Saturday April 13th for an afternoon of Foraging, Mushroom Log Inoculation and a four course feast.

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