As return-to-office culture continues to develop post covid, one thing is clear; your team is ready to hang out in person again! More importantly, many people consider in person interaction to be a driving factor for motivation, happiness and connection within a company. So, as you look ahead to the 2022 Holiday Season (with some admitted uncertainty around gathering indoors) our team at North Corner Haven is here to share why you should consider an outdoor friendly, day party this holiday season. 

Southern Temps and Fire Pits 

If the last two years taught us anything it’s that nine times out of ten, we can live life outdoors – especially when we are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Southeast! Corporate Events or Holiday Parties are no exception. Mild temperatures during the day, even into the late winter, can allow for outdoor activities and gathering within the right environment. At North Corner Haven, our event spaces flow in and out of doors with comfortable fire pits, lounge seating and standing heaters just steps away. Coupled with our stunning indoor Cedar Barn facility  (heated and air conditioned) your guests will have the option to enjoy the space that’s best for them. Also – who doesn’t love S’Mores? 

Festive Food and Beverage 

It’s all about the experience! Engage your guests with a variety of interactive food and beverage stations during your Holiday Party or next Corporate Event. Consider a classic Southern Oyster Roast (there is an “R” in every month Nov – March) to encourage connection across the table or serve them up as an appetizer during cocktail hour. Not an oyster fan? How about a Live Fire Feast cooking up your favorite seasonal vegetables alongside some melt in your mouth proteins like our Forest Raised Pork or Beef? At North Corner Haven, we’re all about incorporating food and entertainment in one place. Lastly, consider a specialty drink that can be served warm or cold depending on the weather. Think Spiked Apple Cider or even a Hot Toddy. Guaranteed to keep your hands warm while enjoying a beautiful Fall / Winter day. 

Work Life Balance

There is nothing worse than being overcommitted during the Holiday Season especially if it means you have to decline a special occasion with friends and family or time with your colleagues. When you host a daytime event this season, it leaves your employees free for the remainder of the evening – it may even mean they get to work on time the next day! 

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Whether we’ve sold you on the daytime celebration or you are looking for a more traditional gathering, we’re here to help. Contact us here to learn more about our Corporate Event Options at North Corner Haven.

A corporate retreat is a great way to get your team energized and refocused while offering an opportunity for team bonding. Planning a corporate retreat, however, is a daunting task. Between setting the itinerary and sorting out the logistics, it can be a highly stressful endeavor. Much of the work of organizing a retreat revolves around booking the right venue. 

What Kind of Corporate Retreat Are You Organizing?

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what your goals are for your corporate retreat. Is this a celebration for hitting a milestone? A team-building weekend? A training and development seminar? 

Different types of corporate events warrant different types of venues. For example, a team-building weekend is probably best held in the great outdoors. If your retreat involves presentations or seminars, an indoor venue is the obvious choice. 

As you begin brainstorming ideas for your corporate retreat, you’ll form a clearer picture for what kind of venue might work best. 

What Should You Look For in a Corporate Event Venue?

After you’ve set the intention for your event, it’s time to begin the search for your venue. There is no shortage of event venues, but you should have a clear idea of what you need from the venue and what to look for. Here’s what you need to keep in mind and where you will find it (hint – it’s at North Corner Haven).


How many people will be attending your event? Ensure that your venue can safely and comfortably accommodate your team. North Corner Haven has over 600 acres, which should be more than enough to host your entire team or even your entire company. 

Service and Amenities

What kind of services does the venue offer? Does the venue offer setup, catering, and cleanup? What about things like tables, chairs, and linens? North Corner Haven offers all of this, can the other corporate retreat venues on your list say the same?


Can the space accommodate the vibe of your event? Pay attention to the architecture and decor of the venue. You’ll want the space to be comfortable and clean, but you’ll also want to evoke a certain feeling from attendees. Make sure the venue gels with that desired aesthetic. North Corner Haven is on a beautiful farm with rolling lawns, and away from the craziness of everyday life which is the perfect ambiance. 


Make sure the event space is accessible to everyone. People of all ages and mobility levels should feel comfortable navigating the space. North Corner Haven is under an hour from Uptown Charlotte, yet in a world of its own.

Consider the Logistics

The logistics of getting people to, from, and around the venue will be one of the most important obstacles you’ll face in planning your corporate event. The space you choose should be easily accessible from your city. If it’s not, consider organizing transportation, such as a shuttle or coach bus. 

At North Corner Haven, we’ve taken these factors into consideration so you don’t have to. We’re only a stone’s throw from Charlotte, and we’ve optimized our space to accommodate corporate retreats while staying true to our roots as a sanctuary of Southern hospitality. For more guidance planning your retreat, contact us today. 

You want to plan the perfect corporate retreat to bring your team together like never before. But to do that, you need the perfect private event space for your team to gather. 

What does that perfect private event space look like? Well for starters, it needs to have an air of luxury and relaxation. It also needs to offer the space for your team members to engage with one another, as well as the space to learn something new. And it needs to be easily accessible to your entire team. North Corner Haven has all of that so if you are after the perfect private event space then look no further than our farm in Lancaster, SC. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider North Corner Haven for your next corporate retreat.

1. A Luxurious Adventure

North Corner Haven offers a luxury private event space that will perfectly and professionally provide your team with the corporate retreat experience of a lifetime. With over 600 beautiful acres of extraordinary opportunity, our farm has ample space for team building indoors and outdoors. Delicious gourmet farm-to-table meals prepared by our professional chef on site with ingredients grown on the same land your team will enjoy, is just one of the many amenities you will experience.

2. Group Activities

When planning a corporate retreat, it’s important to think about the types of activities that your team will enjoy. A corporate retreat is not only a time for team building, but it’s also a time for employees to relax and recharge. Luckily, we’ve got just team building activities that will allow your team to have fun while also getting to know each other better, a must for remote-based teams. 

Some of the most popular team building activities we offer include guided nature walks to forage (and taste) wild mushrooms, yoga on the lawn, sporting clays on our unique five-stand set up, wine tasting, a low ropes course, and fishing in our well stocked pond. Your team is guaranteed to experience the best combination of relaxation and educational experiences, meaning both their palate and their mind will be satisfied and stimulated.

3. Easily Accessible 

A corporate retreat is only an enjoyable experience if your team can actually get there. Luckily, North Corner Haven is easily accessible. We lay just 45 minutes south of Uptown Charlotte, right across the South Carolina state line on I-85, and we are the same easy distance from the Charlotte-Douglas airport. It’s hard to beat that kind of commute for your team members flying into Charlotte or traveling from within the greater Charlotte metro. 

Lancaster is a small town of less than 10,000 people, but it’s home to us and we’d like to invite you to see it for yourself. 

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North Corner Haven is the perfect location for your next corporate event. Contact us today about scheduling your private tour so you can see the magic here for yourself. 

For many, the words “team building” conjure dated images of trust falls and company picnics. But team building doesn’t have to be the kind of forced fun that elicits groans from your colleagues. In fact, it’s an important part of fostering a positive work culture and building trust across your organization. But for team-building to be effective, you may need to rethink your approach. 

The Necessity of Gathering

After two years of working from home, many workers are excited to get back to the office, while others are less than enthusiastic about returning to the traditional 9-to-5.

Regardless of where you prefer to set up your workstation, it’s impossible to overstate the positive impact of socialization on an organization. Simply spending time with each other and breaking bread is linked to higher morale, a stronger work culture, less absenteeism, and increased performance.

At North Corner Haven, we’re in the business of bringing people together. We’ve seen first hand how a crowd at a team building event can change in just a few hours, transitioning from polite smalltalk to raucous laughter and heartfelt conversation. Humans are social creatures; we’re made to gather, and our “work selves” are no exception. 

Team Building Out-of-Office

No matter how much you love your job, the reality is that many people would prefer to be somewhere besides the office at any given time. Commuting between home and work makes it easy for monotony to creep in, which easily compounds stress levels. 

For this reason, team building that takes place outside the office is the most potent. Spending time with your colleagues in a new environment makes it easier to break down those walls and get to know each other outside the context of work. 

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Conducting a corporate retreat or team building event is a great way to encourage collaboration and creativity. Taking a breather from the routine of the office helps get people into a more creative headspace. 

Getting out of the city and into nature is proven to enhance creativity. North Corner Haven is a favorite destination among Charlotte-based companies. We’ve created a laid-back, idyllic environment that’s conducive to creative thought and collaboration.

Investing in People

Leadership is all about showing people rather than telling them that they’re appreciated. Putting forth the time and money to break from the standard corporate experience may involve some sacrifices within the company, but ultimately, it’s an investment in the people that you work with. 

Investing in team building means investing in your colleagues’ happiness. These days, employee satisfaction goes well beyond the scope of the office coffee machine. People want to feel valued, and they want their time at work to be well-spent.

At North Corner Haven, we understand that a team isn’t built so much as curated. We provide a luxurious but unpretentious experience for people of all stripes to gather, grow, and cooperate. There will always be more money, but time is finite – and the time you spend together as a team is invaluable. Contact us today for your personal tour. 

A corporate retreat can be a great time for team-building, strategizing, and blowing off steam. But when you’re tasked with organizing a fun getaway for your team, it can be daunting. Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning a corporate retreat. 

Identify the Vision Your Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats and company trips can take many forms. Spunky young tech companies throw parties that seem more like festivals than corporate retreats. Older, more buttoned-up companies prefer things a little more low-key. 

You have a lot of latitude in planning your retreat, but first you must identify your vision and set some goals for your event. Is this a team-building retreat? A celebration? A leadership development weekend? 

Your vision for the event will dictate your destination. North Corner Haven is perfect for companies that want to foster a “front porch” type of gathering that centers on relaxation and conversation. If you’re in the market for a nightclub type of atmosphere, you might have to look for a private event space a little closer to Charlotte!

Selecting a Corporate Event Venue

Once you’ve identified your vision, you can start searching for venues. You’ll want to find a venue that’s close enough to the city for easy transportation, but far enough away that the event truly feels like a retreat. 

Charlotte-based companies love North Corner Haven because it’s less than an hour’s drive. Our neighbors down in Columbia can reach us in less than 90 minutes. Even though we’re right in the backyard, the spirit of North Corner Haven is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

For corporate retreats, it’s of paramount importance that the venue has the technology to accommodate meetings and presentations. The event staff at North Corner Haven is adept at setting up the technology you need for a successful retreat.

Choosing Ideal Dates

The mild climate of the Carolinas makes North Corner Haven a great year-round destination. The magic of the Spring and Autumn are particularly appealing times to plan a corporate retreat – temperatures are perfect and the earth is in flux. 

Lower demand for private event spaces in the summer and winter makes those times of year a perfect time for a budget-conscious retreat. We make every effort to ensure the comfort of our guests – whether that means heat lamps or electric fans. 

You may also choose to plan your getaway around a public holiday such as Labor Day. Make sure that you plan your retreat well in advance, however, so that attendees can mark their calendars. These times tend to get booked up quickly at North Corner Haven.

Food, Drink, and Lodging

Managing your guests’ basic needs is the most important facet of planning a corporate retreat. Ensuring that the food and drinks are good, plentiful, and served on-time is critical to a successful corporate retreat. 

For overnight retreats, it’s recommended to take advantage of group rates at nearby hotels. Your colleagues will appreciate having lodging booked on their behalf without lifting a finger, and it makes transportation to and from the venue seamless. 

At North Corner Haven, our concierge event planning team will be sure that the practicalities of your corporate retreat are taken care of, and that your team is nourished and rejuvenated. 

And when the business side of things wraps up and it’s time for some fun, we offer a range of unforgettable activities, from wine tasting to clay shooting. Let our team do the work so that your team can grow. Contact us today to get started.

When spring arrives and the skies clear, plants begin to bloom, and everything feels fresh and new again. Growers and gardeners don their gloves and begin to work on the season’s cultivation. If you don’t have the time or space to devote to a full garden, you can still enjoy gardening by starting a small herb and edible flower garden this spring. No worries if you’re a novice grower – we’ve got the tips you need. 

Why Plant Your Own Herbs and Edible Flowers

There is just something so satisfying about enjoying the fruits of your own labor. When you grow your own herbs and edible flowers for your kitchen, you know you’re getting the freshest possible ingredients for your recipes. Plus, you can take pride in knowing you’ve grown the ingredients.

 Herb and edible flower gardens are a great option for growing if you live in an apartment or urban area with little outdoor space. An herb garden can be as simple as a few pots on a windowsill. Having fresh herbs like basil, dill, and mint on hand can elevate your cooking to another level. Using edible flowers like begonia, calendula and elderflower as garnish makes any dish Instagram-worthy. 

Tips to Get Started

Growing herbs and edible flowers at home doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are four tips to get you started: 

Don’t Over Fertilize

Most herbs do not require much supplemental fertilizer. Depending on the potting soil you choose, they may not need any fertilizer at all. Having too rich of soil can diminish the scent and flavor of the herbs. When it comes to flowering herbs and edible flowers, though, you will need to make sure the soil is properly supplemented. 

Give Lots of Light

Apart from a few shade loving herbs, most herbs will thrive in full sun, which is at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. The combination of sun and lean soil nurtures the essential oils in the herbs, leading to the intense fragrance and flavor. Most edible flowers also prefer full sun exposure, so you can grow the herbs and flowers in the same location. 

Allow Water Drainage

Most plants will not survive with wet roots or continually damp soil, and herbs and edible flowers are no different. Wet roots can weaken the plant and even lead to disease, which isn’t good if you plan on using the roots, stems, or leaves of the plant.

Some Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and oregano are drought tolerant and can go longer between watering, but they do still need regular care. Check the soil for your herbs and plants daily and water when the soil seems dry to the touch. Be sure that there is ample water drainage in the pot to prevent accumulation and wet roots. 

Trim and Harvest Regularly

You’re likely using your herbs and edible flowers for cooking, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep your plants trimmed regularly. Overgrowing can actually lead to unfavorable conditions for your plants. If you find you aren’t using the herbs or flowers as fast as they grow, still trim and harvest what is available. At the end of the growing season, trim the plant back by about two thirds to ensure the best plant health the following year. 

The Freshest Events

At North Corner Haven, we grow most of our salad greens, herbs, and edible garnishes on site in our raised kitchen garden. Our menu boasts the freshest, most sustainably grown ingredients. If you’re looking for the best, look no further than North Corner Haven. Contact us today for a tour or to talk about your next event. 

Clay shooting  in North Carolina can be a very enjoyable pastime, but it may be a little intimidating for beginners. In addition to good marksmanship, the hobby also requires patience, coordination, and good form, among other things. None of these things should scare you away from giving it a shot.

State-of-the-art Five Stand clay shooting is right in your backyard at North Corner Haven. Our seven machines throw endless combinations to keep you engaged for hours of entertainment. If you’re new to clay shooting, here’s everything you need to know before trying out our Sporting Clay Escape. 

All About Clay Shooting in NC

Clay shooting was originally developed as a way for bird hunters to practice and hone their skills. Now, sporting clay shooting in NC has become its own challenging hobby for those who love to shoot and spend time outdoors. 

Things to Know

Safety is the number one priority and there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind before your first trip. 

1. Follow All Safety Rules

Using a gun of any kind is an enormous responsibility. Whether you are in the field or not, proper gun-handling etiquette is of the utmost importance. Always show that the action (the part of a firearm that loads, fires, and ejects a cartridge) is open and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. The muzzle (the front end of the barrel) should be pointed in a safe direction, even when the gun isn’t loaded. You should always treat every gun as if it were loaded and only aim at something you intend to shoot. 

2. Keep Your Action Open Until You Call for the Target

Timing is an important skill to develop to maintain good rhythm but also for safety. When you are trap and skeet shooting, you should always load shells one at a time and never load your gun until it is your turn. For sporting clays or five-stand shooting, don’t load your gun until you are in the cage and keep the action open when you are walking to the line. 

3. Limit Distractions

When it is not your turn to shoot, try not to engage in small talk. Also, consider using a shell holder to resist the urge to reach for shells or pick up empties. Not only are these distractions poor etiquette, but they can also be very unsafe. 

The Sporting Clay Escape

North Corner Haven’s Sporting Clay Escape is the perfect opportunity to try sporting clay shooting in NC and SC. Our Five Stand step up is made up of seven different machines launching clay discs in all directions. We call it the “baseball stadium.” Our package includes two hours of shooting with an instructor, protective equipment, gun rental, unlimited ammo and clays, and a boxed farm lunch and refreshments. You can also book a private group as the perfect team building outing or day with friends or customize your own spotting clay experience. 

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To make a reservation for your Sporting Clay Escape, contact North Corner Haven today.