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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Daytime Party for your Holiday Gathering this year: 

As return-to-office culture continues to develop post covid, one thing is clear; your team is ready to hang out in person again! More importantly, many people consider in person interaction to be a driving factor for motivation, happiness and connection within a company. So, as you look ahead to the 2022 Holiday Season (with some admitted uncertainty around gathering indoors) our team at North Corner Haven is here to share why you should consider an outdoor friendly, day party this holiday season. 

Southern Temps and Fire Pits 

If the last two years taught us anything it’s that nine times out of ten, we can live life outdoors – especially when we are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Southeast! Corporate Events or Holiday Parties are no exception. Mild temperatures during the day, even into the late winter, can allow for outdoor activities and gathering within the right environment. At North Corner Haven, our event spaces flow in and out of doors with comfortable fire pits, lounge seating and standing heaters just steps away. Coupled with our stunning indoor Cedar Barn facility  (heated and air conditioned) your guests will have the option to enjoy the space that’s best for them. Also – who doesn’t love S’Mores? 

Festive Food and Beverage 

It’s all about the experience! Engage your guests with a variety of interactive food and beverage stations during your Holiday Party or next Corporate Event. Consider a classic Southern Oyster Roast (there is an “R” in every month Nov – March) to encourage connection across the table or serve them up as an appetizer during cocktail hour. Not an oyster fan? How about a Live Fire Feast cooking up your favorite seasonal vegetables alongside some melt in your mouth proteins like our Forest Raised Pork or Beef? At North Corner Haven, we’re all about incorporating food and entertainment in one place. Lastly, consider a specialty drink that can be served warm or cold depending on the weather. Think Spiked Apple Cider or even a Hot Toddy. Guaranteed to keep your hands warm while enjoying a beautiful Fall / Winter day. 

Work Life Balance

There is nothing worse than being overcommitted during the Holiday Season especially if it means you have to decline a special occasion with friends and family or time with your colleagues. When you host a daytime event this season, it leaves your employees free for the remainder of the evening – it may even mean they get to work on time the next day! 

Book your Holiday Party at North Corner Haven

Whether we’ve sold you on the daytime celebration or you are looking for a more traditional gathering, we’re here to help. Contact us here to learn more about our Corporate Event Options at North Corner Haven.