Get outside and join us for a sporting clays experience at our state of
the art Five Stand!

A hybrid shooting experience, there are
seven different machines throwing endless combinations that will keep you engaged with a variety of simulated flight paths.

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$195 Per Person

– Up to two hours of shooting with safety instruction and attendant

– Protective ear and eyewear, Gun Rental, ammo and clays

– Farm lunch on the grill, served range side

– Refreshments

Groups of 8 or less permitted, three guest minimum. Price does not include applicable tax and fees.


– Reserve your tickets in advance and schedule your outing before the end of the year (12/31/20).

– Outings reserved by appointment, with Weekday and Weekend availability on a first come first serve basis.

– Once you have reserved your Package, if you’d like an e-gift card, one will be emailed to you!

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